Company Overview

Our company is a Manufacturer, professional sourcing agent, importer, supplier and distributor based in Dhaka, Bangladesh for Food Ingredients for Restaurants, Bakery Industry, Hotels and Retail shops. Our company is located in Zebun Aarcade 5th Floor, House # 4, Road # 27(Old), 16(New), Dhanmondi R/A., Dhaka-1209,  Bangladesh. We have 16 local distributors in 16 major cities excluding Dhaka. Dhaka is under our own marketing force.


Our Manufacturing Units (as Sister Concern)

  1.  “Bake Man” ” has 2 outlets around Dhaka city as renown for its Cake, Pastry, Cookies, Bread, Local sweet which has 70 employee and annual Turn over USD 1.2 million.
  2. “California Fried Chicken & Pastry Shop” has 11 outlets around Dhaka city as renown for its Cake, Pastry, Cookies, Bread, Barbeque, and Fried Chechen which has 280 employees and annual Turn over USD 3.5million. Website:
  3. “Innovative Food Pvt. Ltd.” is a Factory which manufacturer bakery ingredients under “Golden Chef” brand. Presently it manufacturer cake sponge mix, muffin mix and bar cake mix.

Our Overseas Partner and Products

  1. Aldia – Belgium, Products: Fruits Filling For Bakery, Hotel and Ice cream industry.
  2. Alast Chocolate – Singapore, Product: Chocolate for Bakery, Hotel & Ice Cream Industry.
  3. Crispo – Italy, Product: Cake Decoration for Hotel and Artisan Bakery.
  4. Demaco – Belgium, Product: Frozen Meat and Fish for Hotel and Restaurant.
  5. Innovative Food Pvt. Ltd., Bangladesh, Product: Cake mix for Bakery industry.
  6. Lazaya – Spain, Product: Decoration Fruit, Fruit pill Cake and Bakery industry.
  7. Mec3 – Italy, Product: Gelato ingredients.
  8. Phoon Huat – Singapore, Product: All Type of Food Ingredients for Bakery, Hotel and Food Service.
  9. Sun – Korea, Product: Frozen nondairy cream for bakery, restaurant and ice cream industry.
  10. Unigra – Italy, Product: Nondairy Whip Cream, all-purpose Margarine for Bakery Industry and retail market.
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